About Rose Preston

Rose Preston is a qualified yoga teacher with more than 42 years experience and offers relaxing yoga classes in Anglesey and Gwynedd - North Wales. A highly experienced teacher, Rose teaches Hatha yoga, meditation, and relaxation. She originally qualified as a Yoga For Health teacher with Howard Kent at Ickwell Bury in Bedfordshire. For the past 16 years she has also taught Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Rose's yoga is great for all ages, from beginners to experienced students and teachers. Not only is she versed in the physical side of Yoga, she also has a deep understanding of the spiritual aspect of Yoga transcending any particular religion by embracing all. The spiritual side of Yoga is an integral part of her day and weekend workshops. She is a theosophical speaker and a member of the International Hermeneutic Society.

Rose's Teachers

Rose met Surya Premananda in the 1970s at a bus stop whilst waiting with her husband to go to her brother's wedding. As she was sitting in a cafe nearby, he asked to sit with them, which was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and her first connection to Yoga. Surya Premananda had a profound knowledge of Yoga gained through many years of practising and teaching in India, where he lived most of his life from the age of 13. He saw Yoga not just as an exercise but a way of life. He loved and cared for humans and animals alike and lived what he taught.

Searching for an answer to her experiences in Yoga Rose found Khen Ratcliffe at Tan y Garth Hall. He was able to explain clearly the spiritual meaning of Yoga and many other aspects of religion and life. His teaching is the teaching of Eugene Halliday, with whom he founded the International Hermeneutic Society at Tan y Garth Hall. Khen stated from the beginning that his one aim was to spread the teachings of Eugene Halliday. Eugene is best described using the words of Donald Lord, the former Honorary President of the IHS, who led the Hall after Khen passed away. "He recommended the reading of all major scriptures of the world and the works of the great philosophers. There was no subject in which he was not interested; he was at home in the world of the sciences as much as in the world of the arts, which he loved. He was not simply an intellectual, although he read many languages. He studied many scriptures in their original languages and travelled the world. He was no mere 'other worldly mystic' but a man of profound spiritual insight and power, who lived consciously in the eternal world, without despising the time process, which he taught to be essential to our spiritual development."