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Eugene Halliday Association – a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2015 to continue the work of the Eugene Halliday Society, with a simplified structure and revised constitution. The website contains information on the EHA, news and events calendar. (The Eugene Halliday Society, also known as Ishval, was a charity founded in the mid 1960s by Eugene Halliday with the support of Fred and Yvonne Freeman, and David and Zero Mahlowe. Original and official name, Eugene Halliday Institute for the Study of Hierological Values. In 2015 the organisation ceased to operate as a charity, its work being continued by the Eugene Halliday Association.)

Nirvana-Essence – Pam & Gordon Smith are a Husband and Wife partnership, who have been teaching Yoga for over 40 years. Between them they founded and ran Faith House Yoga and Natural Health Centre for a period of 22 years. Both are students and friends of Eugene Halliday.

Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship – The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship exists in order to make known to its members the ideas and philosophy of some of the greatest Yoga Teachers in the world, and provide a teaching and expertise that will equip its graduate teachers with the right background and teaching, so that they may become among some of the best in the field of Yoga.

Melchisedec Press – Eugene Halliday’s publisher, founded by David Mahlowe in the 1990s, revived in 2015. The site gives details of Halliday’s published works and related works, and how to buy them. You can find Eugene Halliday’s “Blue Books”, his Collected Works, edited by David Mahlowe and published by Melchisedec Press. And the latest publication ‘Personal Journey’, telling of a meeting which helped a young man to find his true path in life.

Visit Tan y Garth Hall for up-to-date events and information of the IHS - International Hermeneutic Society. The IHS is a Study and Meditation Centre in North Wales, UK. Founded by Eugene Halliday together with Khen Ratcliffe, in the 1950s. It looks to the individual's own apprehension rather than the conveyance of the meaning ascertained to others, thereby enabling individuals to interpret for themselves in the light of their own experience.
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John Zaradin – John is a classical guitarist and friend and student of Eugene Halliday, he is the author of ‘Personal Journey’. "A finely produced book. It tells the story of the classical guitarist John Zaradin and how he came to study and the approach to his work and his art, all told in a threefold way seamlessly interwoven into a single harmonious tapestry." (Philip Rose)

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